About Us

Child and Family Services of Western Manitoba exists so that children are safe and nurtured in strong, loving families within a community of caring people.

Child and Family Services of Western Manitoba (CFS Western) is a private, non-profit, community-based charitable agency, led by a community-elected and community-represented volunteer Board of Directors.

Since 1899, CFS Western has been effectively serving the needs of Westman families and children. Besides providing mandated protection services, the Agency offers a variety of family strengthening programs and services to families.

These programs and services seek to support families as well as protect children. CFS Western believe that the best way to protect children is through strengthening and supporting the family’s ability to meet their childen’s needs. This includes investing in children, families and communities by offering early childhood development programs and healthy parenting education.

CFS Western also operates the Elspeth Reid Family Resource Centre, a Family and Community Development Centre, three residential group homes, a Preschool Enrichment Program and the Victoria Day Care Centre. We also have social workers in 11 different rural communities and their surrounding areas across southwestern Manitoba.