Foster Family/Parent FAQ’s

Q:        How are foster parents compensated?
A:         There are a number of approved methods for financially compensating foster parents.

  • Basic Maintenance Rate reimburses foster parents for expenses incurred meeting day-to-day needs of foster children and is set based on the age of the child:
    • Per diem rate is $22.11 for fostering children ages 0-10.
    • Per diem rate is $27.45 for fostering children ages 11-17.
  • Special Rate compensate foster parents based on their demonstrated abilities to meet the needs of a specific child.

Q:        What support is available to foster families?
A:         CFS Western provides individual and ongoing support via the foster families’ support worker. Training via workshops, conferences, and accredited courses is also made available to foster parents.

Q:        What is it like to be a foster parent?
A:         Foster parenting, just like regular parenting, can be challenging yet very rewarding.

Q:        Who are the foster children?
A:         A foster child can be of any gender between newborn and 18. Coming into Agency care means an interruption in a child’s attachment with their natural parents and sometimes these traumatized children have special needs that may include behavioural, emotional, or learning disabilities. They require care, nurturing, comfort, security, and stability. As well, often the Agency needs foster homes that can accept sibling groups.

Q:        I have a previous criminal record. Am I ineligible?
A:         Discuss your criminal record with a social worker. Any positive results of a criminal record check are evaluated as part of a home assessment. Convictions that include violence, threats, and/or actions reflecting poor judgment and potentially compromising child safety would point to ineligibility for acceptance as a foster parent/family.