In-Home Support

The In-Home Support Program serves Westman families by offering three specific in-home services: Homemakers, Family Aides and Family Support Workers. All are designed to provide families with healthy and positive resources to help make the families stronger before situations reach a crisis point.

Homemakers – provide in-home care for the children of a family in crisis when other family members or friends are unable to help. The children are kept together in their own home with a qualified caregiver while the family deals with their problem situation.

Family Aides – teach basic parenting and family life skills to the parent(s) in the family home. Family Aides use a variety of tools and resources that help show the parents the practical details of day-to-day living. They also help connect the family to their various other community resources and programs.

Family Support Workers – provide support and advocacy between children and their families. Family Support Workers offer service within the family’s home and within the family’s community. The worker models parenting skills to help improve communications between family members, offers education and support to parents about child development, and provides one-on-one support to address concerns.

For more information about CFS Western’s In-Home Support Program, contact the In-Home Support Coordinator at 204-726-6046 (toll free 1-800-483-8980) or email